What Your Period Blood Means

What Your Period Blood Means

What could possibly more taboo than period blood?! Your period is such a wealth of information about your overall health, it’s really incredible actually. I love talking about periods and menstrual cycles and will continue to talk about periods until I’m blue in the face. Periods aren’t going anywhere and are key for bringing life into the world, it’s about time we talk about them! I want to talk about what your period blood can tell you about your overall health, because there’s a lot of hidden information there.

It’s time we talk about period blood because it can be seen as a vital sign that we can track monthly. Period blood is not something we’re taught to talk about. In fact, we’re pretty much raised to hide from it. Pay attention to any maxi pad or tampon commercial and all you’ll see is the same blue liquid over and over again.

The colour, amount, frequency, and consistency of your menstrual blood provides invaluable clues into your overall health. If you want to finally banish symptoms and feel amazing, it’s time to get familiar with your flow.

Think of tracking your period every month like being able to access free lab work for your hormone levels. Knowing the colour, consistency, and amount of blood tells you which hormones are in and out of balance. Your period provides genius (and free!) biofeedback for you.

Popsicle: What Your Period Blood Means

What does your period blood mean?

Colour: bright, cranberry red
Consistency: medium viscosity, not too thick, not too thin
Length: 4-7 days
Amount: 5mL – 80mL (if you are soaking through period products, that is an overly heavy period)
Frequency: 24-36 days

What it means: This is considered a normal, healthy period! Woo-hoo! Continue staying on track by eating a Perfect PMS Diet and incorporating lifestyle strategies to keep hormones balanced.

Colour: brown
Consistency: liquidy, watery, thin
Length: 2-4 or varies
Amount: 5mL – 80mL (if you are soaking through period products, that is an overly heavy period)
Frequency: varies

What it means: That brown stuff is old oxidized blood that didn’t make it out of your uterus during your last cycle and it’s caused by low progesterone levels. These low levels may be at the root of your period symptoms and may also cause you to struggle with regular ovulation.

Colour: dark red, purple, blue
Consistency: thick, clots
Length: longer than a week
Amount: 50mL-100mL (“heavy” period, need super absorbent products, bleeding through products happens often)
Frequency: varies

What it means: This frozen blueberry colour is a sign of too much estrogen. Estrogen levels that are higher in proportion to progesterone cause a lot of the typical symptoms associated with problematic periods, and potentially lead to endometriosis, cysts, or fibroids. Over the long term, excess estrogen can lead to more serious health consequences. This period is often seen in women with the copper IUD as copper has an affinity for estrogen.

Colour: light pink
Consistency: super thin/too light to tell
Length: less than 3 days
Amount: 1-5mL, too light to tell
Frequency: varies

What it means: A super-short period and extra light bleeding may indicate low estrogen levels. This is often caused by extreme dieting, extreme exercise regimens, stress, adrenal fatigue, and nutrient deficiencies.

Tampons: What Your Period Blood Means

Next Steps:

Whether your period is the perfect shade of cranberry red or if it’s a less-than-ideal brown or purple shade, it’s imperative to understand the diet, supplements, and lifestyle strategies to employ to gain balance over your hormones. These strategies and habits will support your menstrual health which in turn will ensure a healthy period, healthy ovulation. These habits will set yourself up for healthy fertility and healthy menopause. Hormonal health is a lifelong journey, so having a healthy foundation will ensure each transition happens easily and joyously.

Start small, download my free PMS Meal Plan for more information about what your body needs to support healthy hormones.

When you’re ready to kick your hormone healing into high gear, fill out this form to apply to work with me. When we work together you’ll get my blueprint for fixing your hormones so that you can feel confident and healthy once and for all.

Menstruation matters, so let’s stop the secrecy and get real about periods! By paying attention to the clues that your brilliant, beautiful body is giving you, you’ll have all the answers to overcome hormonal issues once and for all and look and feel your best.


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